Rho Kappa inductees begin their new chapter in the history books: Photo of the Day 2/15/17


Emily Reed

Shannon Loughrey shakes Valerie Coblentz’s hand on her way to accept her certificate.

by Emily Reed, Managing Editor

While history often repeats itself, February 15th was the only date for the annual Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society induction ceremony honoring the accomplishments of the new inductees.

The hard work and dedication required to get into Rho Kappa is worth celebrating. Students must have six history credits, and two of them must be at the AP level, to be accepted into the honor society.

Co-advisor Mr. Aaron Burch welcomed the new inductees and their families. Officers Grace Weaver (President), Eva Rowan (Vice President), and Valerie Coblentz (Secretary) led the event alongside Burch and co-advisor Michelle Richardson.

To represent the virtues of Rho Kappa, the officers lit the green candle of knowledge, the gold candle of wisdom, and the blue candle of service.

All 25 inductees then repeated the Rho Kappa oath. “I do promise to serve others, to search for truth, to utilize knowledge, and to seek wisdom through the pursuit of academic excellence in social studies. I promise service to Linganore High School and to the community, for true scholars of social studies lead by example.”

The inductees from the Class of 2018 are: Haley Barge, Hayley Cook, Jack Dubro, Lars Ekuland, Lily Espino, Morgan Harris, Hannah Lemen, Brenna Lindsay, Shannon Loughrey, Kenny Mcquay, Sophia Posada, and Rosalia Tilmont.

The inductees from the Class of 2017 are: Tessa Anderson, Samantha Buckman, Chloe Cline, Ines Garofolo, Elizabeth Hovis, Meredith Lapen, Antonio Iocco, Kayley Russell, Taylor Rutley, Marin Sheehy, Angela Wilson, Emma Wynkoop, and Alyssa Yammarino.

“I joined Rho Kappa because history is my best subject, and I love taking history classes. I’m excited to be a part of a community of fellow history lovers,” said Elizabeth Hovis, a member of the Class of 2017.

To end the ceremony, members of Rho Kappa and their families were invited to eat cake.