Pom and Dance team competes at Marriotts Ridge: Photo of the Day 1/21/2017

by Kelsey Ward, Reporter

On Saturday, January 21, the Pom and Dance team competed at a Mid-Atlantic Pom and Dance Association (MAPDA) competition, hosted at Marriotts Ridge High School (@hcpss_mrhs).

The team competed five dances including short pom, jazz, high kick, lyrical and prop.

The team came home victorious with a first place win in short pom, high kick and prop. They received a second place trophy for lyrical and a third place trophy for jazz.

Lexi Watson and Kelsey Ward both received a first place captain medals. Marlee Steig received a second place captain medal. Taylor Thomas and Alyssa Yammarino both received third place captain medals.

“I am very proud of all the girls. They all put everything they had into each dance and really performed the best they could,” said Thomas, Class of 2017.

The team’s next competition is on February 11 at Charles Herbert Flowers High School.

To watch videos of recent performances click here.