On the way to Wingate University: Tristan Drenner becomes a bulldog


On November 8th, Tristan Drenner signed his national Letter of Intent to Wingate University’s lacrosse team after graduation.

Drenner has been playing lacrosse for eight years as defense. His biggest inspirations are his parents and his teammates.

Academically, Drenner isn’t too worried because he believes his high school courses have really prepared him for what it’ll be like to balance school with lacrosse.

Drenner plans on majoring in business, he wants to start working for his father after graduating college.

“I wanted to feel close to home, and Wingate’s atmosphere really gave me that feeling,” said Drenner.

Drenner says his biggest accomplishment was winning the 2016 states lacrosse championship.

Stan Swoyer, Linganore’s varsity lacrosse coach, said, “Wingate is getting one heck of a defense player.”

Tristan’s father, Darrel Drenner, isn’t worried about Drenner’s education in college because he, “does very well, and excels in school.”

Darrel mentioned that he and Tristan’s mother, Christine Drenner, grew up around lacrosse, and that his wife even played in college. When Tristan was growing up, he played a wide variety of sports, but he fell in love with lacrosse.

For most student athletes, graduating can mean the end of one of the biggest parts of their lives. For Tristan, that isn’t the case: Drenner will go into college playing the sport he loves, as well as acquiring an education.