#3 Justice League of Avengers: Who Would Win? Marvel’s Magneto or DC’s Dr. Polaris

by Mason Eddins, Reporter

It’s the second Who Would Win. This time around we’ll be seeing which king of magnetism would win. These two magnetic men are Magneto of Marvel (1963) and Dr. Polaris of DC (1963, 2008). I’ll tell you about their powers, origins, and greatest battles. There will be a Twitter Poll link at the end of this article for you to vote who you think would win.


We’ve all seen the powers Magneto’s shown off. His powers of magnetism make him a great foe of heroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, Colossus, and other heroes who use metals. Magneto’s powers consist of magnetism manipulation, magnetic force fields, and flight through magnetic fields. Not many people know this but his helmet protects him from telepathic attacks.

Dr. Polaris, also known as Neal Emerson, has consist of magnetic manipulation, genius level intellect, electromagnetic field manipulation, flight via magnetic fields. With this set of powers, Dr. Polaris has proven to be a notable foe heroes such as Green Lantern.


Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) was born in the early 1920’s of Germany. As a jewish child, Max and his family fled Germany to escape the Nazis. Max was eventually captured. While in concentration camps, he witnessed his entire family’s execution. Magneto was then sent to Auschwitz. He managed to escape the camp in a 1944 riot. As an adult, Max eventually met Professor X of the X-men. They became great friends. Magneto and Professor X eventually parted way due to a disagreement on how to help mutants. Afterwards, Magneto founded his own island country, Genosha, a safe haven for other mutants.

Neal Emerson (Dr. Polaris) grew up with an abusive father. This drove Neal to develop a persona of his dark side. As an adult, Neal became a doctor with a fanatical interest in magnets. Emerson believed that magnetism would give him more power, “Health via magnetism”. After Emerson thought he absorbed too much magnetic energy, he believed that Green Lantern’s power ring could help him. When Dr. Polaris put on the costume he would usually wear during his lectures, His dark side personification would emerge.


Above all else, Magneto hates Nazis. When he went up against Red Skull, he went all out. Magneto effortlessly brushed off the automated lasers and robots that Red Skull threw at him and continues to relentlessly try to kill him. At the end of the battle, Magneto dropped Red Skull off at a fallout shelter with no food, water, light, and no hope of escape. Magneto did this to Red Skull so he could suffer like the way he did as a boy during World War II.

When Dr. Polaris was released from prison, he tried to figure the source of Green Lantern’s power by kidnapping his friend, Tom Kalmaku. Polaris learns that GL’s power battery is hidden in a locker at Ferris Aircraft. Polaris stole the power battery and used his abilities to put a magnetic barrier around it. This prevented GL from charging his ring. When GL’s ring completely died while fighting Polaris, Polaris took the opportunity to kill GL. But as you could’ve guessed, DC brought GL back to life later in the comic universe.