#6 Justice League of Avengers: How To Defeat Deadpool

by Mason Eddins, Reporter

This entry is dedicated to how we could potentially defeat any given hero from either Marvel or DC. I’m not counting villains in this blog because, well, we see the heroes defeat them all the time. These blogs are for if any hero ever goes rogue.

Today, we’ll review the heroes’  powers, abilities and whatever weapons the hero might use in their crime fighting career. We’ll also talk about their weaknesses and what can effectively take them down in a battle.

And, of course, there’s always a contingency plan.

Let’s start with a difficult hero: How to defeat Deadpool (Wade Wilson). And those of you think that Deadpool is villain, you’re wrong. He’s an anti-hero. He’ll fight crime by killing the bad guys. There’s a difference between anti-hero and villain.


Deadpool’s set of powers include: healing factor, foreign chemical (chemicals not found in human biology) resistance, extended longevity, telepathic immunity. Deadpool’s also got superhuman stamina, agility, reflexes, strength and speed. Together, these powers help him resistant to most, if not all, biological and conventional deaths.

It’s also worth noting that Thanos once cursed Deadpool with immortality. Deadpool is also a master martial artist, master assassin, a skilled linguist, medium awareness, and very unpredictable. The skills combined with the powers makes Deadpool a formidable foe for anyone to try and defeat.


Like every hero, Wade isn’t without his weaknesses. Wade’s mental state, to say the least, isn’t the healthiest. His healing might render him telepathy resistant, but the constant healing has screwed with his head. His healing factor is also in a constant state of healing his cancer. A couple other weaknesses that I’ve discovered aren’t really weaknesses but are worth a mention. When working with other heroes, he has a tendency to be annoying. A weakness that Deadpool has that many people don’t know about is his bovinophobia, which is the fear cows.


Now it’s time for the contingency plan. To start off the battle, you’ll have to catch Wade off guard with cow noises to trigger his bovinophobia. afterwards, you need to decapitate him with a sharp enough sword quickly. When Wade’s head has been successfully separated from the body, distance them from each other. Once this distance has been created, use some form of fire-based weaponry to disintegrate his remains to ashes. Once Deadpool has been turned to ash, place his ashes in two separate adamantium boxes. The head ashes should be put in box number one. The body ashes should be put in box number two. This will prevent Deadpool’s healing factor from kicking into effect. For an added effect, I would suggest that you separate the two boxes as far as possible.