#2 Justice League of Avengers: Who Would Win? DC’s Superman or Marvel’s Hyperion

by Mason Eddins, Reporter

Today I’ll be asking the age old question, who would win? We’ll pitting one of DC’s powerhouses, Superman against his Marvel counterpart, Hyperion. At the end of this blog, and future Who Would Win’s, there will be a Twitter poll. I suggest you read the blog before voting.


We all know who Superman is. He’s the super powerful alien who protects Metropolis, and all of Earth, from dangerous threats. How many readers actually know his backstory and set of powers? In the DC Universe, Superman is capable of flight, super-strength, heat vision, freezing breath, and super-speed. Superman is also backed by his superhuman longevity and durability.

It might seem like Marvel’s Hyperion is a cheap shot by copying DC, and they probably are. There is the added bonus that both of these heroes have similar backstories. Anyway, Hyperion is capable of super-strength, atomic vision, and flight. Hyperion has the added bonus of superhuman stamina, superhuman durability, and enhanced sensory perceptions.


Superman (created in 1938), also known as Kal-El, was born as a Kryptonian on the alien planet Krypton. As an infant, Kal-El was rocketed into space on a course for Earth. This was because his father, who was a scientist, discovered that the planet Krypton was going explode. When Kal-El crash landed on Earth, he was adopted by the Kent family, who lived on a farm in Kansas. They gave Kal-El the American name, Clark. Over time Clark discovered his hidden alien powers. When Clark grew into an adult, he moved to Metropolis. At Metropolis, he became a journalist for the Daily Planet.

According to the Marvel Universe, the much younger than Superman, Hyperion (created in 1969) is the last survivor of Earth-712. Side note: for those of you who don’t know, Earth-712 is just one of many Earths within Marvel’s multiverse. Even though Hyperion lived on Earth-712, he managed to make his way to Marvel’s main version of Earth.  From that point on, Hyperion was known as Mark Milton. Throughout his life Mark grew up with a strong moral code. When Mark became Hyperion, he took on the name Hyperion after the Greek Titan-God of light. As an adult, Mark moved to Cosmopolis, New Troy and became its guardian


Superman has fought some very notable characters in both the DC comics and DC/Marvel crossovers. One of the biggest opponents Superman has fought was Doomsday. When this battle took place, Superman and Doomsday nearly destroyed Metropolis. At the end, Doomsday killed Superman. But, as always, Superman was brought back to life because DC doesn’t like bending to the whims of reality. Another notable battle was a crossover event. Superman fought Thor in a one-on-one battle. During the battle, Superman managed to knock Thor answering the long unanswered question of who would win.

Hyperion is capable of matching the power levels similar to that of Hulk and Thor. Hyperion is also powerful enough to fight Terminus, a villain even Thor struggled to defeat. Unlike Superman, Hyperion is willing to kill, and on one occasion killed Namor, the king of Atlantis.