#7 Justice League of Avengers Blog: The Lesser Known Heroes: Who is Captain Atom?

#7 Justice League of Avengers Blog: The Lesser Known Heroes: Who is Captain Atom?

by Mason Eddins, Reporter

This type of blog is dedicated to the heroes and villains who aren’t as popular as the one’s you’re used to seeing in books, movies and shows. We’ll being looking at their origin story, powers, weaknesses and alliances. Our first blog will be about Captain Atom, the living A-bomb.


The character of Captain Atom was created by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Atom first appeared in Space Adventures #33 in March 1960. Captain Atom, otherwise known as Nathaniel Adams, was an Air Force pilot before he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Nathaniel was sentenced to execution.

Wade Eiling, an Air Force general, offered Nate an opportunity to avoid the death penalty. The opportunity that allows Nate to escape the death penalty is an experiment with little chance of survival. This experiment consisted of Nate testing the durability of an alien ship hull by exploding a nuke beneath it. When the nuke went off, it coated an alien metal over Nate’s body and threw him forward in time 20 years.

When Nate awoke in 1986, everyone assumed he died in the explosion, meaning that the presidential pardon he “would’ve gotten for surviving” didn’t go into effect. The government later used the murder/treason charges against Nate to blackmail him into becoming a government controlled superhero.


Being a living A-bomb can make a guy a formidable foe, especially when you consider all the other powers Atom’s got. Since Atom is basically a humanoid nuclear power plant, he doesn’t need food, water or sleep to survive. The powers of this walking nuclear reactor consists of quantum field manipulation, self augmentation, techno interface, superhuman strength, matter manipulation, invulnerability, atomic transmutation and chronokinesis.


Chronokinesis means he can time travel. Which is a pretty cool power, that is if you don’t somehow screw up the time stream causing humans to never exist. Which would mean you can’t fix the problem you created because you don’t exist anymore. Off topic.  His only weakness is that on occasion, he’ll involuntarily jump through time.


Captain Atom has been a member of a multitude of teams. The most famous, and most popular, team Atom’s been on is the Justice League of America.  Other teams that Captain Atom has been a member of are Extreme Justice, Super Buddies, Living Assault Weapons and Monarch’s Army.