PREP assemblies introduce electives and Chromebooks: Photo of the Day 1/25/17


Beau Cameron

Matthew Chaney, Class of 2017, holds the bunny displayed at the January 25th assembly.

by Beau Cameron, Managing Editor

On January 25th, the Class of 2019 filed into the auditorium for an assembly discussing Chromebooks, scheduling, and registration for classes for junior and senior years.  This was part of the series of registration assemblies on January 24, 25, and 26, one for each grade level.

One purpose of the assembly was to discuss how the distribution of Chromebooks would be handled.

Although the sophomores may be interested in using the Chromebooks, senior Kate Cameron said, “I’m leaving for college in a few months. What’s the point of giving me a computer that I don’t even want?”

In Fall 2016, LHS took part in a pilot 1:1 program where Chromebooks were distributed to all members of the Class of 2020. Now, the same opportunity is available to all Linganore students for a rental fee (protecting against damage) of only $30 for one semester.

“Chromebooks have been a good fit because of the price point. It’s ease of operation, the long battery it possesses, and they power up easily and can be managed by FCPS,” said Ms. Marsha Thompson, Media Specialist in charge of Chromebook distribution.

The assembly also discussed the elective classes available to students during their junior and senior years. Students are now able to participate in work study courses, internships, and student service learning classes, where they are able to leave the building for a portion of the day.

“Next year we’re offering Digital Communications which does the morning announcements and the various other tasks involved with that,” said Mr. Patrick Greene, who spoke at the assembly. “That and Project Lead the Way are the courses I’m involved with.”

Juniors and seniors also have more options in regards to AP courses and electives, as most have already earned most of the needed graduation requirements. These range from language studies to horticulture. The Pre-vet class displayed a rabbit on stage to show students what kind of animals they’d be working with in the class.

Madame Dragana Blonder spoke about the available language courses. “The language courses allow students to explore different cultures. We do everything from trips to other countries to watching foreign movies,” said Blonder.

Students are encouraged to choose classes that they are considering a major in, as a way of exploring the career before committing to it. Students who aren’t sure what their major will be should take a variety of classes to get a broad range of experience and search for something they enjoy.