French Honor Society serves crepes at first event: Photo of the Day 10/5/17


Allyson Duda

Madame Dragana Blonder shows students how to prepare crepe batter.

by Allyson Duda, Reporter

After school on October 4, 2017, the French Honor Society (FHS) had its first event of the year. Members made crepes to bond with each other and to engage in French activities.

“Every year the French Honor Society members tell me that they love making crepes because they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and making and eating the crepes.” said Madame Dragana Blonder when asked why she chooses to do this as the society’s first event of the year.

Blonder also said “I have big plans in the future to expand the program in order to engage more middle and elementary school students in taking French.”

Blonder, the head of FHS, gave the instructions of how to make the crepes completely in the foreign language. She showed how to make the batter and how much of each ingredient to put in it.

As the only French teacher, Blonder is very involved in the society and makes sure that the members are still able to communicate in French even after they stop taking the class.

Senior Ani Boghossian-James, said“I have been cooking crepes since I was ten years old, so it is fun to do something I already know how to do.” She was one of the cooks who could flip the crepes without using the spatula! For most of the members the crepes were not too hard to make once they understood how much batter to put onto the pan.

Members topped off their homemade crepes with Nutella, powdered sugar, strawberries, and whipped cream. Some just ate them plain and others piled one topping on after another. Most members that attended the event said that the crepes were “amazing” and “Just like pancakes, but better!”

Induction into FHS takes place each spring.  See Madame Blonder in Rm. C229 for more information.