Dancers showcase their moves: Photo of the Day 5/22/17


courtesy of Bill Reed

Solana Rios and Maggie Adams, Class of 2020, and Jessica Steed, Class of 2017, performed at last years dance recital to a song called “Body Love”

by Emily Reed, Managing Editor

Mrs. Angela Smithhisler (@Teacher_Smitty), head of the drama and dance department, had tweeted  “Don’t miss the Dance Showcase this Monday at 7. The dancers have worked so hard and it’s going to be a great show!” Smithhisler delivered on her promise, and the dancers and tech crew combined to create a show worth a standing ovation.

There were 20 dances with a ten-minute intermission. In terms of style, there were five jazz dances, four hip-hop dances, four modern dances, two modern/ballet dances, one modern/hip-hop dance, one Irish dance, one baton twirling routine, and an acrobatic gymnastics routine. While the program was heavy in modern, jazz, and hip-hop, the routines were spread out enough that the audience didn’t feel inundated with one specific type of dance.

Only one dance was choreographed solely by Smitthisler, and the rest were choreographed by dance students. The attention to detail the students paid to their choreography left the audience pleased.

The dancers themselves executed difficult moves frequently which showed that they were willing to challenge themselves and had an incredible range of physical flexibility. They definitely didn’t take the easy way out in their routines.

Along with difficulty, the dancers brought a unique and profound connection to the music. They were living art, letting the words and instrumentation in the songs flow through their movements.

They exemplified the theme of the showcase “Adolescence” with their exquisite routines that they encouraged the audience to connect. Specifically, in a modern dance routines, Maggie Adams, Solana Rios-Shkodriani, and Jessica Steed danced to a bit of powerful spoken word poetry about accepting all body types and by extension, accepting each other.

While first time dance students didn’t have as big a role in the dance showcase, they still did enjoy the experience.

“I’d like to take dance again next year,” said Class of 2018 member and first time dance student Cassidee Grunwald.

The costuming of the dancers was minimalist but not sloppy. Every costume had a purpose and didn’t feel random or ill-placed.

The sound and lighting crew (led by Allison Eckloff) added to the mood of the show as well. The dramatic red lighting creating black silhouettes was a neat effect as well as the silly disco ball and rainbow lights in the Grease number.

With the sound, light, and dance crew working together, they created a show pleasing to the eyes, ears, and mind.