Class of 2017 practices for upcoming graduation ceremony: Photo of the Day 5/30/17


courtesy of Natalie Rebetsky

The LHS band, led by Kevin Lloyd, plays during the class of 2017’s second graduation practice.

by Beau Cameron , Managing Editor

On May 30th, the Class of 2017 had their second practice for their graduation ceremony on May 31st.

The senior class practiced entering and exit using music provided by the graduation band.  Faculty members including Mr. Jeremy Brown, Mrs. Marsha Thompson, Mrs. Partner, Mrs. Paula Larson, Principal Nancy Doll, and additional staff and administrators  helped supervise.

Larson said, “Behind the scenes I do more stuff: senior survey, diplomas, scholarships, and that kind of stuff. I’m just here to make sure the whole thing runs smoothly.”

During the practice, students received their caps and gowns as well as their academic honor cords. The majority of the practice was spent with the seniors practicing walking across the stage, with Mr. Jeremy Brown reading their names correctly.

Class of 2017 member Kate Cameron said, “It’s still weird to think that graduation is tomorrow. We’ve been out of school for a while now, but the reality of it is still sinking in. These practices are probably the last time most of us will see Linganore.”

Unlike the previous graduation practice that took place on May 26th, the LHS band was present at this practice. The band provides musical cues for the different aspects of the ceremony including the stage guest leaders, row leaders, and faculty members’ entrance. The band is led by Mr. Kevin Lloyd.

At 7 pm on May 30th, the class of 2017 will also be attending the Senior Salute, a ceremony in which seniors will be awarded various awards for their achievements during high school.  The senior class chose Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky to speak at senior salute.  The official graduation will be held at Mt. St. Mary’s Knott Arena on May 31st.