National Art Honor Society makes masterpieces at Paint Night: Photo of the Day 10/24/17


courtesy of Shelby Tkacik

Paint Night attendees hard at work creating their masterpieces.

by Beau Cameron, Co-Editor in chief

On October 23, the National Art Honor society hosted its first Paint Night of the year.

Paint Night is an event where individuals of all ages gather to participate in a guided painting session. A member of the NAHS leads participants through the steps of creating a specific painting. For this painting it was senior Rachel Moravansky.

courtesy of Natalie Rebetsky
The finished painting.

Class of 2019 and NAHS Historian Shelby Tzacik said, “Paint Night’s always a fun time for everyone. It brings the community together to support art and have fun.”

The NAHS supplies paints, paint brushes, canvases, and snacks. For those who just want time to paint, materials can also be used for personal pieces.

Coach Andrea Poffinberger  was a first-time Paint Night attendee. “It was nice to be out of the gym for a while,” she said. “I like coaching, but I also really enjoy painting. It’s fun to have a break every once in a while.”

The next Paint Night has not been scheduled, but the NAHS plans to host another in the next few months.