Students eagerly await The Giver’s first meeting of the year: Photo of the Day 9/23/17


Greyston Harding

Cast and crew members meet each other for the first time.

The cast and crew of The Giver held their first meeting on Friday, September 22nd.

During the meeting, drama teacher Mrs. Angela Smithhisler introduced The Giver to all of the eager students. The show dates have also been announced to be from November 16th through the 19th.

Rozmia Fattah, the stage manager, said, “The Giver will definitely be a show to remember.”

Students also got the chance to interact with each other. The upperclassmen, also known as a “bigs,” lined up and picked a new thespian to be their “little.” This means the upperclassmen are mentors to the underclassmen.

Presley Dougherty, who plays the mother, said, “I’m so excited about The Giver! It’s such a classic novel.”

The meeting concluded with everyone playing classic drama improvisation games.

Shayden Jamison, who is assuming the position of right wing head, said he is, “excited about all of the new faces in the drama department.”

Be sure to go see The Giver to support your fellow classmates!