Winter guard team paints a seasonal design for competition: Photo of the day 12/28/16


courtesy of Will Hernandez

The performance floor in the making.

by Tory Spruill, Photo Editor

On December 28, the indoor winter guard team painted their performance floor for their 2017 show. The show’s theme is “Autumn,” and the team’s first competition is in Biglerville on February 4. This year’s performance song is The Great Divide by Jonathan Elias.

The uniforms are under construction, but the floor has been painted with a variety of leaves that represent the season. Mr. Kevin Lloyd presented the original design, and it was altered and enhanced by multiple members to make the final product.

Instructor Will Hernandez said, “Autumn is my favorite season, and it also is a show concept that can play with [the performers’] strengths.”

Class of 2014 alumni Evan Lambert said, “I think the show takes a very simple thing that people don’t often think about and really shows the complexity and array of things that are actually happening in Autumn.

Lambert has been an instructor of his own guard team and frequently visits to offer his help.

This year’s team consists of 17 members and is led by captains Melissa Darling and Tory Spruill. Hernandez is also assisted by former members of teams he has spun with and those of the Linganore colorguard.

Class of 2017 member Diane Stonestreet said, “I’m excited to teach new people and try to give them a reason to love colorguard as much as I do.”

Hernandez, said, “I’m looking forward to showing KIDA [Keystone Indoor Drill Association] that Linganore is more than just a crowd favorite.”

The 2017 competition schedules is as follows:

February 4: Biglerville High School

February 18: Brunswick High School

February 25: Waynesboro Area Senior High School

March 4: Greencastle High School

March 11: Mechanicsburg High School

March 25: Tuscarora High School

April 1: KIDA Championships at Chambersburg High School