Welcome to LHS: Conte instills love of adventure in students’ learning environment


Bridget Murphy

Conte uses his light saber to keep his class entertained while learning.

by Bridget Murphy , Kaycee Morris, and Kelsey Ward

Mr.  Benjamin Conte teaches both Algebra 1 and Geometry. He wanted to teach at Linganore because he graduated from Tuscarora High School.

“I have a passion for helping others, and I love to learn. Hopefully my awesomeness will rub off onto my students,” said Conte.

His class appreciates his enthusiasm. “He keeps the class entertained,” said Class of 2020 member Nicole Mills.

Conte is most excited to get to know all of his students. Prior to working as a teacher at Linganore, Conte was an administrative intern at T.Rowe Price.

“The movie that best describes me is Pirates of the Caribbean, because I have a sense for adventure,” said Conte.

Although he is not a pirate from the Caribbean, Conte has lived in Spain. He considers it to be his biggest accomplishment in his life so far.

Conte loves traveling to places out of the country because he finds it intriguing to learn about all of the different cultures and traditions.

In his free time, Conte enjoys playing rugby for the Frederick Men’s Rugby Club, taking after his younger brother who plays Men’s Rugby in college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Conte poses with a Rugby ball.Bridget Murphy

Conte considers himself the smallest in his family, even though he reaches a height of 6 foot 3 inches.  (His little brother is 6 foot 6 inches!)

Having a younger sister, he grew up to be a caring and protective big brother figure. Conte is also a musical person. He enjoys playing his acoustic guitar, and his favorite type of music is folk.

“If I could eat dinner with one person, I would have to choose Oprah. She would be great at conversations and has interviewed a lot of people. It would be like interviewing all of them, but  in one person,” said Conte.

The super hero of Conte’s choice (if he could become one) would be “Catman.”  Conte says that he would pick Catman because he would be starting something new and creative. “If there is a catwoman, there should be a catman,” said Conte.

Conte poses as Captain America with his Captain America toy
Bridget Murphy
Conte poses as Captain America with his Captain America toy.