Trick-or-Treat: Send Lancer Media your throwback Halloween costume photo


graphic by Grace Weaver

Enter to win a drawing by sending in your old Halloween pictures to Lancer Media.

by Grace Weaver, Editor-in-Chief

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Do you wish you weren’t too old to Trick-or-Treat? What was your favorite costume as a kid? You can win a Halloween candy bucket from the Lancer Media giveaway!

To enter the drawing, you must meet these criteria:

  1. Be following LHSJournalism on Instagram or Twitter, or like Lancer Media’s Facebook page
  2. Obtain parent permission to post a picture on social media.
  3. Post your picture (no high school photos) on one of the three social media sites listed above and tag @LHSJournalism— Each social media site counts as one entry. (Max. of three entries, one per site.)
  4. Include your name, how old you were (costume), what you were dressed as.
  5. Include the hashtag #LHSHalloween

All entries must be submitted by Monday,November 1, 2016, and the winner will be announced Tuesday, November 2,  2016.

Lancer Media will be reposting these pictures and reserves the right to refuse to publish  any pictures demeaned inappropriate. Lancer Media will not endorse any inappropriate photos.