Patriotic students participate in spirit week activities: Photo of the Day 10/5/16


Bridget Murphy

Students on second lunch shift (from left to right) Miles Hannon, Maggie McCrossin, Brenna Lindsay and Anthony Sparacino, competed in the tissue challenge.

by Bridget Murphy, Editor

Every day in spirit week there is a different competition at lunch. On October 5, the challenge was for competitors to pull all of the tissues out of the box with their mouths only.

While it was a difficult task, a student from each grade prevailed and stepped up to the challenge. The winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win points for their grade that will be put toward the points counted for school spirit during the week.

October 4th was Tacky Tourist Day, October 5th was America/Patriotic Day, October 6th is Class Color Day and October 7th is Red, Black and Bow Day.

Natalie Rebetsky's English Class of 2020 celebrates America Day.
courtesy of Natalie Rebetsky
Natalie Rebetsky’s English Class of 2020 celebrates America Day.

The students lined up in their patriotic attire and got ready to pull the tissues out.

In first lunch, Senior, Garrett Wiehler, won first place. Junior, Bridget Murphy won 2nd place and sophomore, Mary Britton won 3rd place.

In second lunch, Freshman, Miles Hannon won 1st place. Junior Brenna Lindsay won 2nd place, and sophomore Maggie McCrossin won 3rd place.

In third lunch, junior, Kenny McQuay won 1st place. Senior Nick Bennett won 2nd place, and sophomore Taylor Koch won 3rd place.

Lancer Media looks forward to seeing all of the students in their spirit week attire throughout the rest of the week. Share any pictures of your spirit week attire on Twitter @LHSJournalism.