National English Honor Society gets chalky with sidewalk poetry: Photo of the Day 4/6/16

Senior JD Ensor writes The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus for NEHS Poetry on the Sidewalk activity.

Kasal Smaha

Senior JD Ensor writes “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus for NEHS’ Poetry on the Sidewalk activity.

by Kasal Smaha, Reporter

On Wednesday, April 6, members of the National English Honor Society gathered in front of the school with bins of sidewalk chalk and printouts of their favorite poems to take part in the annual Poetry on the Sidewalk activity. Each year, the Society leaves the sidewalk in front of the school packed with colorful copies of poems, original, famous or obscure to kick off National Poetry Month.

The event provides an opportunity for participants to think about the words and phrases of their favorite poems.

“When you write with chalk,” says society advisor Natalie Rebetsky, “it’s hard and takes a long time. It’s almost the opposite of [social media websites] like Twitter. It makes you think about the words a little bit more.