The Tribe pumps up for the season’s first home varsity football game: Photo of the Day 9/16/16

by Cassie Harris, Reporter

Tribe chief Harry Rasmussen leads the crowd of Tribe members, football players, and other students in the “I Believe” chant. This helps spread the Lancer pride and pumps up the players and fans for the game at 7:00 pm on Friday, September 16th.

When a football Friday rolls around, this is the usual scene in Main Street between third and fourth periods.

To honor the anniversary of September 11th and celebrate American pride, the theme for the game isĀ “America Out.” Freshmen are to wear blue; sophomores will wear white; juniors are to wear red; and seniors will dress up in all three colors, most likely sporting at least one American flag.

For last year’s “America out,” students were organized by color, so from far away, the three colors aligned.

The team will take on the Middletown Knights; this is Linganore’s third game of the 2016 season.