Hocus Pocus! Here are two movie classics for Halloween


Grace Weaver

Halloween and Hocus Pocus, two Halloween classics

by Brandon Cooper, Reporter

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Halloween is just 11 days from today. If you want to make your party better, these movies will surely do it. A Halloween classic is the spooky 1978 movie Halloween. However, even  Halloween lightweights can enjoy the Disney classic Hocus Pocus.

Halloween (1978) is an American made slasher film that has turned into a holiday classic. In a flashback on a night in 1963, the antagonist of the film, Michael Myers, stabbed his 17-year-old sister to death and was put into a mental hospital at the age of six. After 15 years of stewing in the hospital, Myers escapes to Haddonfield, Illinois to continue killing.  

This movie’s setting and the fact that it happens on Halloween makes this movie a matchless choice for anyone looking for a scary movie to watch in October. This film set the standards for scary suspenseful movies. Director John Carpenter went on direct other movies such as The Thing and They Live. This movie is so iconic even actress Jamie Lee Curtis who has played in films such as True Lies and Freaky Friday is still recognized for her role in this film.

Compared to other modern scary movies, this lacks the special effects to make us scared out of our minds. However Michael Myer’s ominous white emotionless mask is something straight from nightmares. The possibility of a insane person escaping and returning to kill was realistic enough to make any person avoid the dark. I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good old fashioned R-rated, scary movie.  (Some violence and nudity.)

For those who enjoy the Halloween season but aren’t quite seeking the scares, the Disney classic Hocus Pocus (PG) is the choice for you.

After being dead for three centuries the Sanderson sisters, who happen to be witches, are resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts. It is up to two teenagers, a little girl, and their unlikely friend, an immortal cat, to stop the reign of the witches.

This film uses slapstick comedy and satirical stereotypes to make a product of family fun and laughs. The use of classic Halloween creatures used in a unique way makes this such a quality film. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy come together and play three perfectly silly but also spooky witches. All in all this movie is all around fun with a hint of spooks to make a perfect Halloween movie for the whole family.

This movie kept me smiling the whole time. Simple comedic elements such as the witches adjusting to the modern times kept the silly mood of the movie going. All around the movie was fun-filled and good for the whole family to watch.

I highly suggest watching these movies this coming Halloween. Hocus Pocus for a fun family movie with no scares, and Halloween for the thrill seekers in it for the horror.