Harry Potter Alliance designs magical t-shirts: Photo of the Day 10/14/16


Elizabeth Anderson

Frannie Davis and Megan Warren use fabric markers and puffy paint to draw on their shirts.

by Elizabeth Anderson, Reporter

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On October 14, the Harry Potter Alliance (frequently called HPA) met during PREP to design t-shirts showcasing their Harry Potter pride.

This was the club’s second meeting of the 2016-2017 school year. During their first meeting, each new club member was “sorted” into a Hogwarts’ House based on their personality and bonded with others from their House. In decorating their shirts, many students chose to include their House names in their designs.

Some went for a bolder effect, like Slytherin House members who decorated one t-shirt together, quoting famous Harry Potter lines and adding their own comments as well.

The Alliance is dedicated to community service and bringing people together, hosting many charitable events throughout the year such as their upcoming book drive.

“HPA is a lot of fun and it serves as a great place to get together with friends,” said Class of 2019 Jack Adams.

If you are interesting in helping out with HPA, you can contact Mrs. Thompson (HPA advisor).

Shirt designed by Slytherin House.
Elizabeth Anderson
Shirt designed by Slytherin House.