Forensic science class studies ballistics: Photo of the Day 3/11/16


Hannah Haught

Sam Closs and Jacob Frey measure the trajectory of the bullet.

by Sylvia Nelson, Reporter

You’ve seen it on CSI, now ballistics analysis has come to Linganore–no violence took place, but there were plenty of interested crime solvers.

On March 10, Mrs. Dillon’s forensic science class measured bullet trajectory. Mrs. Dillon said, “We  completed the tangent method to show the bullet trajectory because we’re studying firearms.”  Mrs. Dillon gave the students a mannequin head, a wooden stick and measuring tape.  

First, the students, measured the distance of the body (head) to the building. Second, they figured out which way the victim was standing when shot. Third, the students, measured the angle at which the bullet entered/exited the head. Lastly, the students used the product rule to determine how high off the ground the shooter was.

Mystery solved!