De-stress with coloring in the media center: Photo of the Day 9/1/2016

by Alicia Nasto, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Adult coloring books are the rage! In fact, in 2015, over 12 million of them were sold. Coloring has become a huge hit, not just for kids learning to stay in the lines, but also for adults to relax and enjoy.

This trend has proven to be therapeutic and relieve stress for busy teens and adults. Coloring has many positive benefits. “Everyone from researchers at Johns Hopkins University to the editors of Yoga Journal [suggest] coloring as an alternative to meditation,” said Kelly Fitzpatrick, a health writer for CNN.

Ms. Marsha Thompson, the Media Specialist, started a coloring project for the school library for students and teachers. Thompson agrees that coloring is a great collaborative activity and hopes many will use this opportunity as a creative outlet.

This quiet activity will allow students to de-stress before a big test. Thompson hopes to turn this coloring project into a big poster to hang up in the library and is excited knowing “many hands will have contributed.”

Visit the Media Center and contribute a little color to the poster whenever you have free time.