AP World enjoys their last few days of the 2015-2016 school year: Photo of the Day 6/14/16


courtesy of Ms. Richardson

Period two AP World poses before their Cricket match.

by Bridget Murphy, Reporter

With 2 days of school left, Ms. Michelle Richardson’s AP World classes headed outside to start up an educational yet fun game of cricket.  The competition between classmates grew stronger and the game got closer.

The classes tied the game into the events in history where cricket unified the British with India. The British colonized India and introduced the game to them.  Due to the caste system in India, there was often separation throughout the society. The cricket field, however, was a place where everyone was equal. Race, caste or social status didn’t matter.

Student, Alyse Montgomery says,”It was fun having a change of scenery, getting to go outside and playing a game I’ve never played before. It was cool getting to watch it in the movie and then doing it ourselves.”

The movie Alyse is referring to is Lagaan. It reflects the politics that occurred in the year 1893 and how the British felt they were superior over those residing in India. The movie features scenes of people playing cricket and today, the students got some real-life interaction with the sport.

Fellow classmate Hannah Lemen says it was a great day to get out of the classroom and get some fresh air with her classmates.