Pick your favorite pre-game pics- Lacrosse vs. Baseball: Photo of the Day 5/3/15


LACROSSE: Pre Game Pic #12.5 #PGP # TheDentistIsBackINTown #LaxHasPearlyWhitesBaseballHasCavities #DrillinTeethAndDrillinGoals #PCBC

by Olivia DuBro, Reporter

As the temperature heats up, so does the rivalry between baseball and lacrosse. The players of each team argue that their sport is more difficult and requires more skill. It’s a rivalry as vicious as Alabama vs. Auburn or the Yankees vs. the Red Sox.

Social media forums have made the bitterness between the two sports more visible. It also encourages those who do not play either sport to choose a side.

Linganore perpetuates the friendly opposition between the two sports. One of the most popular way the athletes compete is with their infamous PGPs– Pre-Game Pics.

The athletes get in their uniforms and gather in the locker room or gym before they prepare for their game. The team thinks of a creative photo idea in which the boys use their sports gear such as lacrosse sticks, balls, baseball bats, athletic tape, gym mats, gloves, helmets, and other sports equipment found in the gym to create the scene.

Some of the PGPs have depicted a volleyball game, fishing, the Statue of “Laxerty,” a crime scene, and jet skiing.

Senior Grant Waxter posts the baseball pictures, and the lacrosse photos are posted by senior Vinny D’Amore. Both post their PGPs on Instagram with several hashtags jokingly ‘attacking’ the other sport.

Both teams seem to think their PGPs are more creative, original, and entertaining than the other’s, but what really matters is what their audience thinks.

What do you think?

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