Key Club puts on an Easter egg hunt for the Little Lancers: Photo of the Day 4/10/2015


courtesy of Kate Lane

Carli Legambi and Conner pose with the Easter Bunny at the Little Lancers language table

by Grace Weaver and Erin Lafferty

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On Thursday, April 9th, the Key Club put together an Easter egg hunt for the Little Lancers. Laura Glawe coordinated this event for Key Club and is in the advanced child development class.

Key Club filled over a hundred multi-colored plastic eggs with different times of chocolate at their meeting after school on Wednesday, April 8th.  Key Club members, Megan Wilhelm, Allison deBlois, Jack Adams, Evan Avila, Ryan Bond, Abby Graham, Sarah Maerten, and Daniel Moore left class at 10:30 and went to hide the eggs beside the softball field.

The event lasted until 11:30 when the Little Lancers went inside and opened their eggs with the student teachers. The Easter bunny stayed and visited with the Little Lancers and helped them open the eggs and took pictures with them.

Sophomore Megan Wilhelm, future president of Key Club, said her favorite part of the event was, “Seeing the little kids run around and find the Easter eggs and then noticing the Easter bunny.”

Key Club is planning to become more involved with the Little Lancers and enjoyed preparing for the event.