Horticulture I makes arrangements to portray poems: Photo of the Day 11/24/15


courtesy of Andrew McWilliams

Horticulture students show off their arrangements.

by Rose Fiore and Riley Faulconer

On Friday, November 20th, the 21 students in Patricia Beachy‘s Horticulture 1 class made arrangements based on poems that the students participating in the Poetry Out Loud Contest recited.

The Poetry Out Loud, school-based competition was held a day earlier on Thursday, November 19. Kate Cameron won the competiton with her performance of “Song of Shattering Vessels” by Peter Cole.

Beachy says that they also “…completed a write up explaining why they selected the containers, types of flowers and colors of flowers they did to design their arrangement.”

LHS faculty members Sharon Smith, Karen Burall, Dawn Aburto, Tracey Cassidy, Tom Hawthorne, Andrew McWilliams, Jan Witt, Cheryl Novotny, and Marsha Thompson participated as judges.

“That was a tough thing to judge…That was some tough poetry,” said Witt of the arrangements.