“Back to the Future” theme celebrated on Tuesday spirit day: Photo of the Day 10/13/15


courtesy of Haley Stone

The senior class dresses up in 80’s garb.

by Emily Seth, Reporter

On Tuesday, October 13, students and teachers were eager to support the Back to the Future, theme and earn points for their classes. Main Street looked like the set of a movie with everyone in 1980’s, 50’s, and even 1800’s clothes.

Many students came in wearing leg warmers, neon crop tops. and crazy hair with side ponytails and sweatbands. Some students like sophomore Joey Galletti even dressed up as characters from the Back to the Future movie.

“The best part is that our parents know how to do this,” said Galletti, dressed as Doc Brown, the mad scientist.

The Back to the Future franchise features three movies: Back to the Future,  Back to the Future Part II, and Back to the Future Part III. They all revolve around a teenager, Marty McFly, and the eccentric Doc Brown, who has invented a time machine.

Wednesday is red, white and blue day by class color:  Freshman (red), Sophomores (white), Juniors (blue) and Seniors all colors.