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Spanish Honor Society says goodbye to their senior members: Photo of the Day 5/19/19

Olivia Hiltke, Savannah Sitler and Noah Price enjoy dinner at Isabella's.

by Lindsey Russo, Editor

May 19, 2019

On May 17, the Spanish Honor Society held a dinner for the senior members at Isabella’s in Downtown Frederick. Isabella’s has traditional Spanish food from Spain. The executive chef is Mario Sanchez. Some of the tapas ordered were hamburguesas de chorizo, chorizo, albóndigas, panini de ma...

Senior Countdown 2019: Seniors in NAHS paints out only 11 more days until graduation

Seniors Kaley Henyon, Colleen Avila, Shelby Tkacik, Jill Kolear, Sean Butehorn and Sarah Brady pose for only 11 days until graduation.

by Madeline Hull, Reporter

May 7, 2019

  May 7th marks the last eleven days of high school for seniors, and the seniors in National Art Honor Society are ready for summer. Fourteen seniors are active members in NAHS.  The National Art Honor Society is a group that does community service through various art projects and experience...

Spanish Honor Society celebrates Cinco de Mayo: Photo of the Day 5/4/19

Sean Butehorn and Bridget Curtis enjoy snacks during PREP.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor

May 4, 2019

On May 3, the Spanish Honor Society celebrated Cinco de Mayo during PREP. This was the first event organized by the new officers Harry Heitzig, Kyle Bedard, Matthew Strahlman, and Yesenia Montenegro for the 2019-2020 school year. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla...

Senior Countdown 2019: ¡Quince días más! Spanish Honor Society celebrates their 15 last days

Olivia Hiltke, Sean Butehorn, Savannah Sitler, Noah Price, and Caroline Etherton are looking forward to their last 15 days.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor

May 1, 2019

Senior have only 15 days left, and Spanish Honor Society members are excited to finish the year. The Honor Society had nine seniors this year. Over the past year, honor society members participated in many different activities. One of the biggest events of the year was making crafts with children...

NAHS hosts slime making night: Photo of the Day 4/9/19

Principal Nancy Doll helps elementary school students make slime with NEHS.

by Julie Walker, Managing Editor

April 9, 2019

On April 4, the National Art Honor Society hosted a slime making night. Younger students were encouraged to come make slime with their older siblings. Slime is a stretchy substance for kids to play with made of liquid glue, borax, water and food coloring. Around 20 people attended the slime making...

Liberal arts colleges losing their raison d’etre

Fewer people are enrolling in foreign language majors, but foreign language study is more important than ever.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor

April 8, 2019

Colleges and universities all over the country have begun removing arts and humanities majors. As a teen who has grown up bilingual in German and has been learning Spanish  since middle school, I am frustrated about how devalued foreign language study has become. Even colleges in this area, such as McDaniel...

Men’s Wearhouse takes orders for prom: Photo of the day 4/25/18

Sean Butehorn talks to Nancy Bolhoff about rental options.

by Natalie Roth, Reporter

April 26, 2018

If you need a suit for prom, it's not too late! On April 26, during 3rd period Men's Wearhouse has a table set up to take measurements for suit rentals for prom. Nancy Bolhoff, operations manager, said, "The average price is $99-$239, which is the complete package of coat, pants, shirt, tie, ves...

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