Senior Countdown 2019: ¡Quince días más! Spanish Honor Society celebrates their 15 last days


Yesenia Montenegro

Olivia Hiltke, Sean Butehorn, Savannah Sitler, Noah Price, and Caroline Etherton are looking forward to their last 15 days.

Senior have only 15 days left, and Spanish Honor Society members are excited to finish the year. The Honor Society had nine seniors this year.

Over the past year, honor society members participated in many different activities. One of the biggest events of the year was making crafts with children at Lancer Candy Lane. A requirement of the the Honor Society is participating in the Albricias contest. Albricias is the Student Journal of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica and publishes the best submissions in the journal. Students submitted stories, poems, and artwork to the contest based on the theme “Flora y Fauna.”

“Albricias was my favorite activity of the year because we got to be really creative with it. I’m going to miss it next year,” said Sean Butehorn, who wrote a short story for the contest and is a senior this year.

The Spanish Honor Society also hosted several activities with the German and French Honor Societies including a picnic at the beginning of the year.

On April 24, all language honor societies held their induction for new members and officers. This year’s officers were  Olivia Hiltke as President, Savannah Sitler as Vice-President , Kelsey Wiegand as Secretary , and Samantha Schauberger as Treasurer. The new officers for the 2019-2020 school year are Harry Heitzig, Kyle Bedard, Matthew Strahlman, and Yesenia Montenegro.

“My favorite part was the end of the ceremony when I got to give all the seniors their cords and they were recognized for their work. I am very proud of them and glad I got to see them one last time,” said Spanish Honor Society facilitator Andres Wright.

Although the year is almost over, the honor society still has a few activities planned. New officers are organizing a dinner to say goodbye to the graduating seniors and will also be hosting a Cinco de Mayo celebration.