Language Honor societies induct new members: Photo of the Day 4/27/17


Beau Cameron

The new inductees to the French honor society.

by Beau Cameron, Editor

On April 26th, the world language honor societies inducted their newest members. There are four honor societies in the language department: French, Latin, German, and Spanish. The Latin honors society holds a separate induction event.

Madame Dragana Blonder, head of the French honor society, said, “The language honor societies are important because they teach students tolerance and allow them to learn about other people and cultures. If students become members of the honor society, they connect with the language and have more opportunities to travel and learn than students just taking the class.”

The ceremony included a dance performance by Marlee Steig and Kelsey Ward, a piano performance to Beethoven’s Santa Pathetique Op. 13 by Shannon McGoey, and singing by Ines Garofolo.

The German Honor Society welcomes Jack Adams, Rachel Bechler, Nicholas Belski, Sarah Bennett, Khelsa Conolly, Patrick Finch, Skye Gesell, Makayla Glock, Brian Godwin, Payton Hull, Yesenia Montenegro, Noel Snow, Emily Webb, and Trent Yuhas.

The Spanish Honor Society welcomes Sean Butehorn, Madelyn Cunningham, Thomas Duffy, Paige Lowe, Taylor Lowe, Vanessa Martinez, Hailey Nell, Noah Price, Katherine Querry, Samantha Schauberger, Kathryn Thomas, Shelby Tkacik, Alexander Tran, Olivia Weinel, and Kelsey Wiegand.

The French Honor Society welcomes Miriah Belmaggio, Victoria Captain, Caitlyn Cook, Allyson Duda, Joee Folb, Tristan Galcik, Brittni Garms, Kansas Gordon, Dana Kullgren, Rachel Morin, Jodi Riggleman, Katherine Roach, Jayden Smithson, and Emily Wolfe.

“I think everyone who can should try to take a language,” said member of the Latin honor society Gia Haemmerle. “The travelling is nice, but it’s also something that connects us.”

During the ceremonies, senior members were given their cords to wear at graduation and the new officers (president, vice president, and secretary) were introduced. Members who had participated in language based competitions were also recognized.

The new inductees will be able to attend honor society meetings in the coming school year.

The honor societies offer travel, scholarship, and internship opportunities for their members. In addition to providing students with a foundation of language, it recognizes their achievement and skills at a national level.