#NationalSigningDay2023: Molly Granger signs to poms team at Towson University


Kiera Knedeisen

Molly Granger signs her National Letter of Intent to be apart of the Towson University poms team.

by Abby Childers, Sports Editor

On May 10, Molly Granger signed her National Letter of Intent to Towson University, where she will be a part of the poms team. 

Granger has been participating in poms for three years. This past year–her senior year–she was a co-captain of the pom and dance team. 

Granger started poms in her sophomore year and “loved the environment,” describing it as “just so much fun.” 

In addition to poms, Granger was a highly-competitive dancer at Urbana Dance Studio for 10 years.

Although Granger competed at a very high level and represented her team, it was not until recently that she decided to continue her athletic career at the college level. 

Granger planned on competing in athletics up until college and then focusing solely on her academics as “[sports] can be so competitive” and therefore requires much of her time. 

However, after a historic last season consisting of a regional and state championship win for only the second time in school history and holding the title of a team captain, Granger was not ready to give up on poms. 

“After having such an amazing experience with poms the last three seasons, I would be so sad to stop,” Granger said. 

Granger then decided to attend clinics and began the try-out process, where she ended up on the  Towson campus. 

“I got to meet the current members of the poms team at Towson,” Granger said. “They were so welcoming, and it just made sense to choose Towson after that.” 

Granger made the pom team at Towson and immediately committed. She plans to major in Physical Education. 

Linganore pom and dance coach, Michelle Richardson describes Granger as “a huge asset to a team and a role model.” 

“Towson University is getting a wonderful young lady next year,” Richardson said.