Lancer Spotlight 03/31/23: Linganore varsity baseball wins challenging game against Walkersville


Courtesy of Bryce Meyer

Linganore varsity baseball stands on the sidelines cheering on their teammates playing on the field.

by Aisha Ahmad, Reporter

On March 23, the Linganore varsity baseball team played one of its first games of the season against Walkersville High School. Linganore won the challenging game with a score of 5-3. 

The baseball team put in a lot of hard work in each inning and maintained flexibility as the Walkserville game was rescheduled and then cancelled and rescheduled again due to inclement weather.

Junior pitcher Stephen Curry was pitching in the start of the game.

“I think it was a good game. We played very well,” Curry said.

Curry looks forward to winning more games and being able to play in the playoffs. 

Senior catcher Charles Musser also said it was a good game and felt proud of the team and the teamwork they have built.

Musser said, “I like how our team is becoming a whole and that is how we win.”

That teamwork has helped the baseball team win, and they plan to use that mindset for the future, showing the impact and success of teamwork throughout the game. 

The Linganore varsity baseball team have fought hard to win two games so far this season. Their other win came against Oakdale High School on March 29.

While Linganore has had a great start to the season, the varsity team is still wanting to improve in some areas in order to continue to win and possibly make playoffs. They are going to put in their best effort to make this possible.