#NationalSigningDay2023: Kaileigh St.Louis signs to play soccer at North Carolina Wesleyan University


Keira Knedeisen

Kaileigh St.Louis signs her National Letter of Intent to play soccer at North Carolina Wesleyan University.

by Keira Knedeisen, Reporter

On May 10, Kaileigh St.Louis committed to play Division 3 soccer at North Carolina Wesleyan University.

Once believing she had lost her chance to play at the collegiate level after being cut from the Linganore High School soccer team her junior year, St. Louis’ club team gave her opportunities she could not resist.

“Something significant [in my soccer career] was probably getting cut junior year and not thinking that I was gonna be able to further any soccer career or play collegiate at all,” St. Louis said. “I didn’t even try to play in college and it came to me.” 

It seems that the right school came to her with the right opportunity at the right time. One thing that Kaileigh was looking for in a team and college was a bond with her teammates similar to that of her club soccer and high school track teams.

According to St. Louis, Wesleyan was not too far and not too close; it seemed perfect in many different ways. Another factor that swayed her decision to attend North Carolina Wesleyan University was the money they offered for her success both on the soccer field and in the classroom as well. 

Linganore PE teacher Andrea Poffinberger was a first-hand witness to this achievement. She coached St. Louis in strength training throughout high school and shared her thoughts on what kind of person St. Louis is. 

“She is one of the most talented young ladies that I have ever had the opportunity to work with,” Poffinberger said. “She came into the weight room every day ready to work hard and get better.” 

Many schools seemed to notice St. Louis’ talent and skill. Ultimately, she was recruited for North Carolina Wesleyan University from a club soccer tournament.

When compared to many other schools and offers, including a huge opportunity from Mount St. Mary’s University, St. Louis made her decision after visiting North Carolina Wesleyan and seeing the school for herself. She knew Wesleyan was where she would be spending the next four years of her life.

“After a soccer tournament, my coach got an email asking for me and three other girls numbers, and then they sent us an email to text us and set up things,” St. Louis said. “They were really easy, and they asked us a ton of questions … to make sure we were still available [to recruit].”

St. Louis will be attending North Carolina Wesleyan University in the fall, where she will study criminal justice and hopefully continue her success on the soccer field and in the classroom.