Lancer Spotlight 5/31/23: Linganore’s seniors celebrate their last day


Eddie Slavin

As part of Senior Prank, balloons fill up one of the staircases on Main Street.

by Eddie Slavin, Reporter

No high school is alike in the United States, but there is one tradition that nearly every school has: being senior prank.

Linganore is among the many schools that participates in this rite of passage, and this year the class of 2023 certainly delivered.

This year’s senior prank started at 4 a.m. when members of the Tribe were let into the school. Like many senior pranks, there were many different ideas, one of which was to take every desk and chair out of classes and put them in the cafeteria or the stadium.

Fortunately for Linganore teachers, this concept did not come to fruition; instead, the Tribe stuck with the classic method of throwing toilet paper on anything and everything.

Next, members of the Tribe used a crazy amount of balloons to totally fill the staircase on main street closest to the front entrance.

This was the prank most underclassmen in the building encountered, but there was more tomfoolery to be had. Many seniors parked in the worst ways possible throughout the staff and student parking lots. Cars were parked in the middle of parking spaces, on the grass and just anywhere. Although funny to many students, this aspect of the prank ended up being more of an annoyance to staff and students.

One detail of a senior prank in the parking lot that stood out to many was the hot dogs on forks sticking out from the ground.

Junior Cole Simmonds arrived at school before much of the chaos started. Along with witnessing seniors throw toilet paper on trees and seeing the hotdogs on the ground, Simmonds’ car was a victim of the prank when his car was pelted with water balloons.

In addition to being annoyed by the water balloons, Simmonds was also annoyed by the lack of originality from the seniors. In his opinion, this year’s senior prank had elements that were humorous, but it could have been executed better.

“If they didn’t copy last year’s prank, it would have been good,” Simmonds said.

Rumors about the pranks and what was intended over the course of the day were shared.

Because of attacks on students’ cars with water balloons, a rumor quickly spread that the intention was to throw the balloons at students on Main Street at the end of the day. This did not end up happening, possibly because the mayhem in the parking lot exhausted the seniors’ water balloon supply.

The last part of the seniors’ final day at Linganore included a Slip ‘N Slide placed at the top of the hill behind the school that went down to the lower parking lot, complete with tubes for students to use. English teacher Patricia Kolias supervised the seniors’ Slip ‘N Slide and, by her estimate, 30 or so seniors participated in the fun.

Since the slide went down the hill towards the lower parking lot, to prevent injury, an inflatable pool was placed at the bottom as a buffer. According to Kolias, one of the goals of the Slip ‘N Slide was not only to make the seniors’ last day something to remember but to encourage students to participate in supervised fun, permitted by the school.

Although not as humorous or creative as some believed it could have been, the Slip N’ Slide and balloons in the stairwell were very impressive and were good aspects of this year’s prank. Hopefully, the class of 2024 will do something that not only avoids annoying people but is also funny.