Lancer Spotlight 4/20/23: Linganore’s JV girls’ lacrosse victorious over Walkersville Lions


Courtesy of Shannon Greene

Defensive freshman Alexis Gottfeld fights for a ground ball against the Lions.

by Keira Knedeisen, Reporter

On April 20, the Linganore girls’ JV lacrosse team beat Walkersville 12-10, alternating leads throughout an extremely sunny game. This was an intense and high-scoring game for both teams, but in the end, Linganore came out on top. 

As a small team, each girl on Linganore had to give it their best shot and leave everything out on the field for their teammates. However, the sun seemed to make this increasingly difficult as the girls got tired early on and needed to be switched out when fighting for the win. 

“The heat definitely affected how we played; people got tired more easily and everyone felt like they were dying,” freshman defender Emme Haraway said. “We had to take all of our time-outs for breaks and water because of the heat.”

It was all worth it in the end, because this game made the team realize their potential when putting in the effort and working together. The girls believe the rest of their season against other tough competitors can be just as fun as this one, especially if they can win a couple more games to finish out the season

“This game made us realize we can win harder games, and we can all believe in each other and play hard, and we have the rest of the season to have fun and win!” freshman midfielder Alexis Gottfeld said. 

Breaks such as time-outs and half-time were crucial for the team as it gave them an opportunity to recharge and regain determination to win. Pep talks from the coaches gave the players a new motivation to beat the Walksersville Lions, and there was a noticeable change in play between the two halves of the game. 

This positive change was not only thanks to the coaches but the girls as well. They used this evenly-matched competition as an opportunity to work on and utilize crucial skills in both offense and defense.

“I did pretty good I think,”  freshman Lauren Cumberledge said. “I tried talking more and sliding.”

Coming into the game, players and coaches knew they had a chance against the Lions and took advantage of it. The aggression and attitudes shown by both teams led to a closely fought game. It was apparen how badly each team wanted the win. 

“I think our team was really prepared to go into the game,” JV girls lacrosse coach Jena MacDonald said. “We had a good practice yesterday, and I think all of our girls were really excited.”

Overall, this game was exciting to watch, and it was a relief for the girls to see their hard work pay off. As the JV lacrosse season finishes up, teamwork and lots of effort is what the Lady Lancers need to end their well-fought season on a high note.