Lancer Spotlight 3/29/23: Freshman class council candidates campaign for leadership positions


Hannah Moore

Alex Thomas is running a very strong campaign for the 2026 class president

by Hannah Moore, Reporter

This Friday, March 31, all Linganore students will have the opportunity to vote for the officials that represent their class. This is an annual event that directs the course of the following school year.

In preparation, all students with hopes of running had to submit an application, including two teacher recommendations, a candidate statement explaining their reasons for running and a brief video introducing themselves to the school. 

In these videos, students stated what position they would like to run for. The positions are split into Student Government Association (SGA) officials and Class Council officials, which is made up of incoming seniors, juniors and sophomores. 

Every one of these sections contains a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There are also additional positions for historian and second vice president. 

These elections are important in every grade, but the stakes are higher when it comes to the current freshman class. As they rise to sophomores, these elections are the first time the newest students gain real leadership at this school.

“This election is very important to the freshman class because it’s important for us to have a voice that can listen to other people and who will realize the issues and make sure they’re resolved or addressed,” Linganore freshman Alex Thomas said. 

Thomas is running for the 2026 class president, a position he has been working towards since first grade.

As president, the elected student plans all class events as well as supporting SGA events. The leadership position also comes with the responsibility of listening to their peers and finding ways to improve the school where needed.

“I feel like it’s important for people to be able to tell their leaders things because it affects them. And if it affects them negatively, they should be able to change that,” Thomas said. “We need people like this instead of someone who will do the job for spirit days and for their own ego.”

The candidates for the 2026 Class Council president are Alex Thomas and Darius Hollie.

The second highest position is vice president. When the vice president is elected, the student serves as the president’s support, helping out with those responsibilities stated above.

This person also serves as the liaison between the council and SGA in order to keep everything running smoothly between the two organizations. The freshmen candidates for vice president are Ethan Nicholls and Hannah Zirk. 

One of the lower level, but equally important, positions, is class secretary. The secretary is responsible for keeping records of all meetings and taking minutes or notes.

They also create reports for SGA and keep the council organized. The only freshman candidate for this position is Alex Pietanza.

The fourth position for these class councils is treasurer. The treasurer is financially responsible for the club. They keep an accurate record of all monetary spendings and earnings, providing these reports monthly.

Treasurers are also the primary coordinators of class fundraisers. The freshmen candidates for this position are Ashley Corrigan and Hannah Moore. 

The class councils also include a historian. The historian documents all of the activities done by the club and provides a so-called scrapbook at the end of the year. Kyle Nicholson is the only freshman candidate for this position.

When it comes to the SGA elections, the only position current freshmen can run for is second vice president. The second vice president assists in the coordination of committee meetings and service projects and takes initiative when planning the annual winter pep rally and spirit week. 

This student is also expected to participate in meetings for both Frederick County Association of Student Councils (FCASC) and Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC). The only candidate running for this position is Isabella Tiger.

With all of these positions up for grabs, the candidates are campaigning profusely. Around the school, you can find colorful posters and candy labeled with ‘vote’ stickers for many of the students.

On the social media front, multiple students have received the support of their friends, reposting their posters and countdowns for the elections. 

The most unique idea that students have come up with and shared with each other is sunglasses. On the lenses students have put stickers to say ‘vote Alex’ or ‘vote Hannah.’ Photos of their peers wearing them can be found all over the candidates and their friends’ Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Many of the candidates are not relying solely on how well they can campaign but their experience as well. Many voters are more likely to vote for someone who has previously spent time in SGA, class council, FCASC, MCAS or other leadership positions. 

“In the fall, I ran for second vice president of SGA. I did not get the position, but I did learn a lot about how to campaign and how to be a good leader,” secretary candidate Alex Pietanza said.

Though experience is not at all required,many of the candidates claim they feel more prepared because of it, and therefore, more confident in their own campaigns. 

However, this confidence could not be achieved without the support of their peers. “You and your voice are important and matter at this school,” Pietanza said.

Make sure to read and watch the candidate statements and vote here.