Lancer Spotlight 5/4/22: LHS parents host Bag Bingo night in support of the senior class


courtesy of Chris Safsten

Bag Bingo attendees playing one of 25 games.

by Madeline Hull and Caroline Hobson

On April 28, students, parents, and friends gathered at Libertytown Fire Hall in order to raise money for Safe & Sane, the senior class party, to be held on May 24 at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Parent Clare Hobson and graduate parent Joanne Doyle combined their efforts to host the annual Bag Bingo night.

The Safe and Sane committee hosted 25 games with 25 purses, 4 specialty games, and 4 door prizes. The 4 specialty games were an extra dollar and were for large designer bags such as Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors. There were tote bags, Vera Bradley backpacks, and unique Thirty-One totes. The raffle door prizes were 4 pink Kate Spade bags, varying in size. Finally, there was a tie breaker hosted at the end of the night for all people who tied at a game of bingo and lost the tiebreaker.

Tickets were $25 for 25 games. Most tickets were sold before the event in order to secure seats. However, tickets were also sold at the door. Refreshments were for sale by the Frederick Eagles Ladies Auxiliary, a group of women in support of the Frederick County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department. Student volunteers walked around while BINGO games were going on to take people’s food and drink orders. They also sold specialty BINGO game cards.

Senior families donated designer name brand bags, gift boxes, beach bags, and even cash prizes. Local businesses sponsored bags as well: California Tortilla, Pools, Patios and Porches, and Mount Airy Veterinary Associates. Hot sauces, pool noodles, and Meow Mix are examples of goods stuffed in designer bags sponsored by the various small businesses in the area.

“We had many small businesses sponsor bags. It just really pulled everything together and made the bags look a lot more appealing. The pool bag ,for example, was a Thirty-One tote that Pools Patios and Porches stuffed it with a bunch of pool supplies and pool noodles ,which was very eye-catching to everyone there. . . There was an ice cream Thirty-One tote that was sponsored by a Linganore family, and they included a sundae kit to match with the designer purse,” said Hobson.

The firehall doors to approximately 200 participants who arrived ready to stamp their BINGO cards.

“The event was a huge success. We raised over $4,000 dollars for Safe and Sane and everyone had a great time. The banquet hall and church helped serve the food and really brought everything together for a great night. I also made little goodie bags filled with candy, just so everyone went home with something. It was a new touch this year but I think it made everyone happy. It was just a way to say thank you for coming,” said Hobson.

“I had so much fun, who would have thought bingo would be such a big hit? It was great way to spend time with friends while also playing an exciting game.” said parent Colleen Jones.

“I had a lot of fun helping at the event. It was nice to walk around and talk to everyone in between games. It was also pretty funny watching people play the games and try to get bingo,” said senior Kelly Safsten.

Some of the other designer prizes included wristlets, computer bags, wallets, and backpacks. The committee plans to continue this successful fundraiser next year.