Lancer Spotlight 3/1/22: FFA makes ice cream from scratch


Caroline Hobson

Members of the FFA make their ice cream.

by Caroline Hobson, Editor-in-Chief

On February 23 the FFA made ice cream the old-fashioned way to celebrate the National FFA week

Students began with the basics: milk, cream, sugar, ice, rock salt. Then they were able to choose from the many different flavor combinations available, such as cookies and cream or strawberry. After the ice cream was finished, the students froze their creations to eat in PREP the next day.

Junior Emily Ausherman is an officer for the FFA, she helped create the event for FFA week as a way to increase participation in the club and gain new members. 

“My favorite part of the event was being able to involve many FFA members and other students in something for National FFA Week in a way that many people would enjoy, ice cream,” said Ausherman. 

Many of the officers of FFA are involved in a 4-H club outside of school where they can share their agricultural passions. Students in 4-H can learn more about dairy and cattle farming. Students in the 4-H program often work with the FFA to create fun events. 

“We chose ice cream as our activity because in the past there was Agriculture Week at the FSK Mall. Every year FFA and 4-H Clubs sign up to compete in ice cream making. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the past two years this event was canceled. We thought that this was a good way to bring the tradition to our chapter,” said Ausherman. 

The FFA also hosted spirit week ,where students could participate in daily challenges for a chance to win a prize and raise awareness about FFA. Nothing but a backpack day, Western Wednesday, Camo Thursday, and Freedom Friday were the challenges these students could participate in. 

“We would love to continue doing these events because after seeing how many people participated in the FFA spirit week, it would be a great way to promote FFA and also recruit new members into the club. The members were so excited to make ice cream, and they were also patiently waiting to eat the ice cream the next day during PREP,” said sophomore officer Mahati Konduri. 

Through Ice Cream and FFA spirit, the event brought together students both in the FFA and students interested in joining the club. Agricultural science teacher and FFA advisor Mrs. Pat Beachy always tells her students, “Even if you aren’t a farmer,  you can still participate in the FFA. If you have an interest in any form of agricultural science, business, or just community friendship, the FFA is for you!”