Lancer Spotlight 2/17/22: Class of 2023 sells and distributes Candy Grams to fund prom


Marissa DePalma.

Class of 2023 sells a candy gram to students at lunch.

by Joe Ham and Mack Mullinix

I think selling candy grams is a great way to have fun while accumulating funds for prom

— Abigail Etherton

A week before Valentine’s Day, the class of 2023 sold Candy Grams in the cafeteria. With the profits going toward prom, it was a great way to have some Valentine’s fun. Many people received or gave out gifts during this time. The candy grams consisted of 5 Hershey Kisses and had the optional choice of putting down their name or keeping themselves anonymous.

Mrs. Tracey Cassidy and Miss Tracy Davies are junior class co-advisors. With their help, the class of 2023 was able to sell 172 candy grams during lunch.

“The students of 2023 were the ones that organized everything,” said Mrs. Cassidy.

Cassidy praised the efforts of the class officers.  They did all of the sorting and organizing. The students that were involved in selling the candy grams during lunch included Emily Borhust, Mitch Maher, Jefferey Joyal, Brady Vhla, Delaney Andrews, Emily Moore, Madelyn Beckman, Hannah Morin, Anna Quackenbush, Jessica Stansburg, and Camryn Mackay.

Some students shared that next year, the candy grams could be extended to more elegant kind of gifts such as flowers or carnations.