Lancer Spotlight 12/19/22: Faculty delivers Christmas cheer in an annual door decorating competition

by JP Lyons and Patrick Lyons

With Winter Break coming right around the corner, the Lancer faculty was looking to add some holiday cheer to motivate the school.

The faculty set up the annual door decorating event, available for all teachers to participate in.

Each teacher had to decorate the door in holiday fashion, in an attempt to win the top prize in one of the many judging categories.

The categories that teachers participated in included best traditional scene, best connected theme, best winter scene, best use of space, most festive, most original, most creative and most realistic.

Many of the faculty took this competition seriously and put a lot of effort into their doors, one of these being French teacher Stephanie Stolz.

“It took me and my PREP class five full days of working to finish our door. We started with the idea of a fire behind the window and then worked from there,” said Stolz.

This hard work contributed to Stolz winning the award for most realistic decoration. Her door included a winter setting with green trees standing tall in the snow and a fire in the background.

Other teachers who put in maximum effort include Purgason, Eckard, Weiss, Thigpen, Brennan and Linblade.

These teachers all worked together to make an entire hallway full of gingerbread houses and other neat Christmas decorations, which managed to win them the entire event as the Grand Champion.

These awards were decided all throughout the day of December 12 by a group of secret judges.

Holiday door decorating has taken place at Linganore for the past eight years, and this year was led by LHS teacher Jeremy Brown. Brown thought the event was a success this year and allowed for many teachers and classes to have fun in an interactive way. 

“This event isn’t about winning a blue ribbon; it is about having fun in a friendly event. Some classes even decorated their doors after the event was over because they didn’t want to miss out on the thrill of the event,” said Brown.

This event was not only fun for the teachers but also the students who get to look at all of the wonderfully decorated doors surrounding the hallways. The holiday spirit on display has everyone patiently awaiting the winter break.