The end of the road, Varsity Cheer wins the 2021 2A MPSSC title

On November 13, Varsity Cheer traveled to Harford Community College to participate in this years 2A MPSSC competition. The girls scored an almost perfect score, 124.9/125, .1 point away from performing a perfect routine. This was by far their best performance so far.

This was their 3rd state champion title, with the last one being from the 2019 season.

The team has worked hard this year to earn this title, practicing everyday, performing at the weekly football games, and other invitationals. All of which contributed to their success.

This year the team was lead by senior captains; Gracie Rowe, Kerrin Kelsey, Lindsey Bruscia, and Olivia Addis. The captains worked to keep the team united and focused, bringing fun to practice and still working hard.

Varsity Cheer’s performance at Harford Community College. (Linganore Cheer)

Beyond the captains, each member had to work hard to get this title. It was a full team effort during and leading up to their routine.

Each player helped to earn an almost perfect score.

These girls didn’t do it alone though, alongside them were coaches, Amy Rumburg, Jessie Mollet, and Jean Davis. All three spent hours during, practices, football games, and competitions. Giving them directions and helped guide them to their title.




Check out their full 2A MPSSC routine. Thank you Stephanie Bindel!