Lancer Spotlight 11/17/21: Linganore Marching Band honors veterans in the Nation’s Capital


Courtesy of Kevin Lloyd

The LHS Lancer Marching Band stands at attention after playing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial.

by Mia Lucas, Reporter

On November 13, 2021, the Lancer Marching Band had the honor of performing at a Veterans Day Parade of Heroes ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial and World War Two Memorial. 

The ceremony honored many veterans that served in the military. The band performed the National Anthem as well as the United States Military Medley. They also had the honor of being conducted by a former U.S. Marine Corps drum major.

The Linganore Band was chosen to be featured at this event out of all of the other bands in the country. Only three other marching bands from across the United States were selected to perform at this event.

The marching band poses for a photo in front of the Lincoln Memorial before the Parade of Heroes. (Courtesy of Kevin Lloyd)

The ceremony was rewarding for the veterans, but it was equally rewarding for the LHS students that were able to be present at the event. Sophomore Cassandra Nti was very grateful to be able to participate in and attend the ceremony. Nti’s father is a Lieutenant in the Navy and has been enlisted for almost twenty-five years.

“The ceremony felt very special to me because my dad and many members of my family are in the military. I know they have served in wars and travelled far to serve their country, so it was very cool for me to experience,” said Nti. 

Some of the veterans present at the ceremony gave speeches about their time in the military Many of the veterans there served in the Vietnam War. They were presented with medals to commemorate and award their service at the event. 

Senior drum major Lindsay Toothaker was given the honor of presenting many veterans with the medals. 

“I wasn’t really expecting to get to connect with the veterans by giving medals at this ceremony to honor their service, but it definitely felt good to give back to the people who so bravely served our country,” Toothaker said. “Recognition means a lot more than we know, especially for some of the Vietnam veterans that were there,”