Invincible: the best cartoon of 2021

This is Mark aka Invincible who is the main protagonist of the show

This is Mark aka Invincible who is the main protagonist of the show

by Christian Williams, reporter

Every kid has imagined what it would be like to be a superhero at least once in their lives, with superpowers that would allow them to beat up villains and save the city.

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Invincible is a TV show/comic book adaptation about a kid named Mark who lives in a world full of heroes and villains, with his dad being among the most powerful warriors. In this show, Mark deals with the stresses of balancing daily life with his own life as a hero while also uncovering the truth of what it means to be a superhero.

Mark’s father (Omni-Man) is the strongest superhero, and at the end of the first episode, viewers see his true colors. The end of episode one will keep you invested into the show and will keep you wondering, “Why did he do that?”

My favorite characters in the show are Eve, The Mauler Twins, and Omni-man. The Mauler Twins are my favorite characters because they are unpredictable and always have hilarious interactions with each other. For example, there is a moment in the first episode where they are arguing about which of them was the original twin.

I like Eve because she is also in the same situation as Mark, except that she has a little more experience than he and that her parents are not superheroes. The way she handles her personal life and her life as a real hero is very interesting. The decisions she makes are understandable. 

The characters in the show all feel realistic except for one character, Amber because I do not like how she has the jealous girl archetype.

Invincible is animated very well and each fight is carried out amazingly. The show is very bloody and that might catch some people off guard at first considering the show is drawn very lightheartedly and is about superheroes. I like how in depth they go in with each person’s powers and how they use their powers during the fights. For example, there is a time where Atom Eve and invincible were fighting a scientist, and the way they would work together while trying to keep civilians safe and capturing the scientist was very entertaining.

Mark throughout the show will have to encounter many different villains and he definitely does not win all his fights. Plot armor and unreasonable wins are never in effect in this show so the stakes and the suspense are always high whenever there is an encounter.

One of the main reasons Invincible blew up in the first place is because of the clip that happened at the end of the first episode. After that every episode would basically go viral after every drop. When the last two episodes dropped “Omni-Man” and “Invincible” were both trending on twitter.

In conclusion, Invincible is available on Amazon Prime with only 8 episodes in the first season. There is a confirmed Season 2 coming out in 2022 as well.