A single’s guide to conquering Valentine’s Day


by Kat Taylor and Skylar Stevenson

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Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday designed for buying chocolates and presents for a significant other. Nothing on Valentine’s Day really caters to the people who have no partner to share it with, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re single you can’t have a great Valentine’s day. Love can be celebrated in its many facets.

The first step is to accept that Valentine’s Day is just once a year, and it’s for everyone.  If you are not “attached,” you don’t have to be alone. Once you stop worrying about if you have a date, then you can actually begin to have some fun. These are my top six tips on how to make your holiday a success.

       1. Have a GALentine’s Day

One of the best ways to spend the day is with your friends. Instead of having a fancy dinner with your date, have one with your friends instead. If you aren’t trying to spend a lot of money, then have some friends over and have an Italian dinner at home. The red and white theme of spaghetti and sauce is so Valentine!  Paint your nails together–or do a funny craft–like a do-it-yourself “paint night.” Or go shopping together and buy small gifts for each other.

      2. Spend it with your family

Your family is a place to share love. Maybe ask your parents if you can go out to eat as a family. Or make your own cookies and treats for each other. Junior Rachel McCoy said her grandma makes sugar cookies with red heart frosting.  Have a game night together. Watch a movie with popcorn. Any time spent together will brighten your mood.

      3.Treat yourself

If there is no one in your life to buy you the chocolate candies you desire, then get them for yourself. No one knows what you want more than you. A good thing to do is buy yourself some chocolates or maybe send yourself some flowers. 

Senior Aidan Shaw said that he buys chocolate and eats it while watching movies at home.

      4. Avoid social media

Pictures will be popping up all over Snapchat, Instagram, and more, of people with their significant others. A good way to not dread the holiday is by not looking at all the romance. Think about prom photos–everyone is comparing himself against everyone else.  Don’t do it. Focus on yourself and not stress about what others are doing.

      5. Go outside

Do anything outside–ice skating, hiking, camping.  Being outside can make minimize your stress. Plus the fresh air and direct sunshine can help your health. You can include some of your friends in your adventures outside and get closer to them with less of a distraction from technology. Ultimately, going outside can help you feel happier.

      6. Treat it as just another day

Valentine’s Day is overrated. It’s just another holiday that people make a big deal about.  You don’t have to do anything special. Stop stressing that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend it with. You have a long life ahead.  Plenty of years will be spent with partners and plenty more will be alone. It’s just another day.

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