Quarantine: It’s not impossible to transform your body–and mind


Senior Zach Tilmont squats over 200 pounds. After five months in quarantine, Zach was able to reach his squatting goal.

by Erich Miller, Photo Editor

Have you ever wanted to be in shape? Well with this quarantine, it’s not too impossible to become the teen version of The Rock. In The Rock’s workout routine, he works out for three hours a day and eats over 4,000 calories a day. All you have to do is half of that to see amazing results. 

One hour a day.  A decent eating routine.  That’s the common sense.  It’s not rocket science.  Remember ninth grade health class?  Now we are seeing the truth of those boring lessons.

It won’t be until the summer of 21′ until you can even show off your beach body. What if you are still a whale, huge in size, and don’t even have the confidence to show yourself off when it’s time?

These past six months have you watched the time slip away day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. This new quarantine life has become the new normal, and the average person has gained 8 pounds. You should want to be your best self instead of letting the home life get to you.

This is not just to look sexy.  Your brain changes, too.  Concentration improves. Attitude improves.

Your daily routine has for sure changed within this six month time frame. For many gym rats this has affected them drastically. Having to make your own workout schedule and watch what you eat. Many have failed to do so, but many have kept up their work or even other people have decided to get more into shape.

There have been many newcomers to the workout scene with determination to become greater than they were before. Senior Zach Tilmont has gotten into great shape. “I get to better myself and make progress,” Tilmont said.

This is the time to learn who you are.

He also had advice for the up and coming health rats. “You also shouldn’t feel afraid to be different go out and do what you wanna do and you can achieve it is something I’ve realized from bettering myself,” said Zach.

Zach is one of the examples of people being their better selves, and isn’t that what we should all strive to be. Even just going on simple walks, there are so many things we can just do to improve our health. And if you’re looking to start here are some things many others have done.

First things first: Get outside. Make it a social activity.  Find somebody who wants to walk–maybe you won’t do it alone.  Going for an hour walk a day would even help. Just turn on the music or a favorite podcast and just start going. It’s a simple method that burns calories and will help you reach a step goal.

Take note of what you’re eating. It seems like everything in this day and age is bad for you. Urbana High School senior Devin Hackett said, “I started eating healthier this quarantine and I’ve lost good weight and gained muscle. I’ve never felt better.”

Lowering your calorie intake and fast food consumption is one of the many steps people have taken this quarantine.

There are two options: get in shape or lay on the couch.  Many sat on the couch and didn’t do anything. The time to start doing something about your health is now.