Battle of the Christmas doors: Photo of the Day 12/13/19


Kat Taylor

Samira Diggs’s door is all decked out with holiday spirit.

by Kat Taylor, Reporter

The holiday season calls for Christmas traditions. Staff members get into the holiday spirit by decorating their doors and getting student groups involved, too. The festive doors are a highlight the last weeks before the holiday break.

From December 1 to 13, teachers have been setting up their doors with enthusiasm and competitive spirit.

The deadline for decorating is Monday, December 16 at 7:30 a.m., so this week, teachers have been busy with glue, scissors, paint, and more. On Tuesday, December 17, doors will be judged and winners announced through email. Winning doors will receive a paper blue ribbon.

Winners will be announced in the following categories: most creative, best winter scene, best use of space, most original, best connected theme, best traditional scene.

Normally, teachers make their doors related to their academic subjects. Students think participating in the door decorating contest is a fun activity to do during the winter. 

Junior Sammie Hoefs said, “I think decorating doors is exciting because it takes off some stress from classes because winter break is coming.”

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