Asian Culture Club kicks off fall with icebreakers and egg rolls: Photo of the Day 9/29/19


Alaina Burger

Grace Gaydosh serves club members Riley Sheehy and Leah Bolger egg rolls.

by Alaina Burger, Reporter

调查[diàochá]: investigate, look into, or survey. 

On September 27, the Asian Culture Club met for the first club day of the school year. The club, originally started by Larry Liu and Mike Mauro, members of the Class of 2019, carried on its legacy by welcoming 15 new students interested in learning about Asian culture.

The club aims to teach about the importance of Asian cultures within our school and local community. Only 2.2% of Linganore’s student body is Asian, so spreading cultural awareness is important to the club’s president, Grace Gaydosh. 

“Not many people talk about Asian culture,” said Gaydosh. “I feel like it’s really overshadowed, which is why spreading cultural awareness at Linganore is important to me.”

President Gaydosh and Vice President Alaina Burger came prepared with a presentation, an ice breaker, and egg rolls. 

The presentation listed some fun facts about the officers, plans for the year, and a Mandarin word of the day. After the presentation, Gaydosh and Burger had students try to form a line in order of birth date without speaking to each other.

Shannon Kleinmann (Secretary) and Kat Taylor (Treasurer) complete the officers for this year, while Mrs. Michelle Richardson is the club’s staff sponsor. 

“I joined Asian Culture Club because I have never tried Asian food before and I wanted to learn more about the culture,” said Class of 2023 member, Ashlyn Martin. 

The club is set up to meet on A days, and plans to teach students a little bit about the cultures of different parts of Asia each day they meet. They also plan to have movie days in order to see Asian culture play out on the big screen, featuring movies such as: Crazy Rich Asians, Karate Kid, Mulan, and Aladdin

If you are still interested in joining, it’s not too late! See Mrs. Richardson in room A219 for more information.

The club is looking forward to the rest of the school year and spreading their knowledge about Asian culture!