Students gain a better understanding of Holocaust victims


William Quansah

Class of 2020 member Braden Weinel observes the banners.

by William Quansah, Reporter

From January 14-18,  students had the opportunity to view an exhibit on Main Street that displayed the stories of Jewish children who were victims of the Holocaust.

Professor Fred Emil Katz of Towson University set up this exhibit called “Vergissmeinnisht,” meaning Forget-Me-Not. Katz was a survivor of the Holocaust as a child and has his own banner in the exhibit. This exhibit covers the lives of Jewish children from the towns of Hassfurt, Hofheim, and Ebern. Each banner contains a picture of the child and and gives information about their lives. There are two types of banners: The red represent those who unfortunately past away due to the Holocaust while the green shows survivors.

For those who died, the topics covered on the banners vary based off available information such as their childhood, fate, and deportation. Banners of survivors include topics in chronological order: childhood, fate, and life after 1945. Students were able to walk in the shoes of these children by following their journey from a normal life then to the ghettos and concentration camps, and for some, death. Viewers gained a better understanding of the terrible things they had to endure.

Class of 2021 member Oral Coleman said, “It was really enlightening to see the exhibit. I now understand the lives of these victims much better and I would recommend that others view the exhibit.”

Next week, the exhibit will be heading over to Walkersville High School on January 21.