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Students gain a better understanding of Holocaust victims

Class of 2020 member Braden Weinel observes the banners.

by William Quansah, Reporter

January 18, 2019

From January 14-18,  students had the opportunity to view an exhibit on Main Street that displayed the stories of Jewish children who were victims of the Holocaust. Professor Fred Emil Katz of Towson University set up this exhibit called "Vergissmeinnisht," meaning Forget-Me-Not. Katz was a survivor...

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Photo of the Day 4/24/17

Main entrance gate at  Dachau Memorial in Germany

by Lourdes Jack, Reporter

April 24, 2017

In remembrance of the millions of people who perished during the Holocaust, April 23 and 24 are marked as Holocaust Remembrance days. The importance of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive is to keep such events from happening again. To our dismay nations have still continued to carry out ge...

Why should we remember the Holocaust?

Michael J. Romanelli, a World War II infantry veteran, displays his Order of Saint Maurice in Glen Arm, MD.

by Jessica Steves, Reporter

April 25, 2014

Why do we remember the Holocaust? Why do we consider it important? Why are there memorials and museums, books and films, and numerical tattoos that are treated with the same reverence as saints’ relics? Why, why, why? Why do we care at all? It happened on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and ...

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